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One Person At A Time

Whealer Solutions was incorporated in 2009. We add value to our clients by providing soft-skill learning & development solutions to improve the performance of their human resources. While we specialise in the financial sector, predominantly in the insurance industry, we have had experiences in other industries such as real estate, retail, F&B, manufacturing, consumer goods and professional services. Read more…
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Consulting Solutions

A training programme may help develop or inspire new paradigms. We believe that learning and development is only complete together with other parts that fit in before and after a training programme. Ultimately, we are interested in helping our clients achieve the desired outcome and objectives. We want to ensure that the right training solution is applied.

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Training Solutions

We believe that continuous learning and development is the most important factor that keeps an organisation growing. This may not be immediately apparent, but the success of an organisation lies almost completely on the development of the people. Therefore, for business to grow, the people in the organisation must grow first.

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Coaching Solutions

Coaching is…“a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. A method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills in their lives, careers, businesses or personal relationships”.

“I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me.”– Virginia Satir


Seeking Partnerships

Whealer believes in abundance. We always believe that together, we can achieve more and bring greater value to the society. We focus on building long-term partnership and welcome various kinds of collaboration. We can succeed together by sharing ideas and perspectives.


Highlight of Our Programmes:

D’N’A Transformation
“My agency achieved the 6 months target immediately after the programme. We have hit 2 million in production, which we have never done in the past 20 years.”
– Linda Bong, District Manager
“I’ve learned more about the right attitude in interpersonal relationship, and also know how to listen to my inner voice.” (Closed 11 cases the next month after training)
– Roger Tan, AIA Insurance Planner
“This programme has taught me to find out our life purpose and target the soonest possible so that we know how to take action on it. We shouldn’t be staying in our comfort zone but we should move on and start acting now!”
– Debbie, AIA Insurance Planner
“It helps me breakthrough and think positively. Nothing is impossible.”
– Liz, AIA Insurance Planner
“The lecture is the best!”
– Billion, Property Agent

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