Seeking Partnership

Whealer believes in abundance.
We always believe that together, we can achieve more and bring greater value to the society.
We focus on building long-term partnership and welcome various kinds of collaboration.
We can succeed together by sharing ideas and perspective, works and gain synergy.
Whealer is currently seeking the following partnerships:
Independent Training Provider
Passionate about learning and development and want to see growth in people, be it for individual or organisation
Want to add value to society by marketing our programmes and various learning solutions to identified individual or organisation

Associate Training Partner
Qualified trainer that has own specialty and acquires relevant field experience
Intend to collaborate and synergise to provide a more holistic solutions to clients

Associate Trainer
Always inspired to influence the people around you and enjoy the presentation stage
Acquire excellent training skills and want to be certified to conduct the identified training programme or solution

At Whealer, we are always ready to listen. If you have an idea, we will be more than happy to discuss about it over a cup of coffee and who knows, a golden opportunity might be on its way. We want to be the Dream-builder while we turn dreams into reality.