Performance Coaching – ACT Series

Performance Coaching through our ACT Series

Coaching is about inspiring and empowering people to maximise their potential. It stimulates coachee’s mind and encourage them to make changes. Coaching allows people to take a more self-control approach and allow them to commit and take more compelling actions towards achieving their dreams and goals. By mastering the art of coaching, the supervisor can truly realise the importance of their role. They are able to bring out the strong potential of their sales team and motivate them to achieve greater performance. They will learn a new approach to manage and lead their team effectively through a new system of monitoring and supervising.
List of Programmes:

2D Coaching for Success

Everything starts off with a right mindset. With an effective approach to mindset shaping, we would help participants see the importance of having the ACE Mindset in everything that they do.

1D Serving ACE

This programme targets to help the leaders/supervisors to obtain the coaching skill and understand the importance of coaching to their teams. Several coaching skills will be shared for the leaders/supervisors to build better rapport with the team, monitor the team’s progress, and understand how to motivate and coach their teams for better performance.