Our Consulting Principle

The consulting profession, unlike other professions such as accounting, financial planning, engineering, medicine, legal and many others, is not accredited. In simple terms, anyone and everyone can step out of their home or in the modern case, advertise themselves on the internet, calling themselves a consultant of a particular field. The way in which us consultants operate then becomes the judging criteria, and our clients become the accreditation body. We therefore operate with this uniquely self-developed set of principles, ‘resolve . reshape . refine‘, which we call the 3R Consulting Principle.

The basic idea is that we focus on the needs of our clients, and provide solutions to either solve a problem, put things in the right direction or making something good even better. The key is to deliver the results that our clients desire. With this principle, the most important aspect of our consulting process is listening to our clients’ needs. A perfect solution is one that suits the clients’ needs and delivers the desired results.

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