Soft Skill Development – ART Series

Soft Skill Development through our ART Series

The word “team” is being widely used in various contexts, from sporting teams to business teams in a corporation. The word originated from a group of horses strapped together to pull the carriage. In today’s context, the word has been used widely as a group of 2 or more people linked together with a common purpose.
Throughout history, it was evident that the human race have achieved great things with good leadership and teamwork. The wonders of the world were never built by a single man or a woman. Neil Armstrong may be the first man to step on the moon, but not without the effort of hundreds or even thousands of engineers and other professionals. This proves that a team, driven by the right vision, led by the right leader and possessing the right characteristics will achieve more than any single man or woman can.
Four Important Stages

There are four areas that need to be mastered, and they have to be done in the right sequence. Without DESIRE, one would not know why they need to go through the trouble of learning and utilising the skill. Without the right STATE, one would not be able to perform at optimal levels. SKILLS then can be taught and understood. DRILLS ensure that the skills are picked up the way it was intended to.

List of Programmes:

2D ART of Communication

This programme provides a series of activities that help to inspire the desire to be a better communicator, build the right state, learn the effective skills to build better rapport and have an action plan for continuous improvement.

3D ART of Presentation

This programme equips one with a confident state for presentation, techniques for a great presentation and a platform to apply the learn skills. Through this programme, one will be able to stand on the stage confidently and have a more engaging and interactive presentation.