Customer Experience Enhancement – ACE Series

Customer Experience Enhancement through our ACE Series

The quality of the customer experience is often of higher importance than the quality of the actual products or services offered. A product or a service could be perfect but yet, some minor detail may put a dent on the customer’s experience. Surveys and researches have shown that 85% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more on the price to ensure a great customer experience. Providing Awesome Customer Experience (ACE) not only eliminates customer complaints, it builds great reputation which ensures the long-term success of the company.
ACE Series

This series focuses and emphasises on strengthening the mindset and attitude of the participants towards providing ACE. The series explores ideas relating to what a customer is, what quality means and what it means to achieve ACE. More importantly, it equips the participants with the right mindset to carry out the foundational skills in providing ACE to customers.

List of Programmes:

1D Thinking ACE

Everything starts off with a right mindset. With an effective approach to mindset shaping, we would help participants see the importance of having the ACE Mindset in everything that they do.

1D Serving ACE

With the right mindset in place, the key is to have the right frame of reference for serving an awesome customer experience. The skills involved would be easy, straight forward and most importantly, practical in a retail environment.

1D Selling ACE

Serving well alone does not fully provide awesome experience. The ability to sell comfortably, giving the customer the feeling that the purpose is to give them a better product or service is an important skill.

1D Supervising ACE

With some basic skills in placed, supervisors need to learn how to use those same set of skills to apply in supervising their staff at the outlet. A lot of practice and emphasis would be placed on handling difficult staff.

1D Managing ACE

Being the most important person in the entire outlet/group of outlets, the manager must have a clear vision of where the outlet should go and how it should be operated. Studies have shown that HQ vision is only effective when the outlet managers are in sync with it. The purpose is to ensure that this is aligned.