Mindset Shaping – D’N’A’ Series

Mindset Shaping with our D’N’A’ Series

The human DNA gets more interesting with every new discovery. We learn that our biology is heavily determined by our DNA. Some would then argue that it would seem impossible to change who we are because of our DNA but new discoveries and understanding of DNA shows that it is possible to change if we want to. In our case, we are not referring to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), but rather, our Disposition’N’Attitude. As suggested by its definition, disposition means our inherent qualities of mind and character. Attitude refers to our settled way of thinking or feeling about something. We believe that this can all be changed if we want to, through our D’N’A series.

Activity Based Learning with the LEAP Model

To help in transforming one’s D’N’A, lecturing, seminars and sharing alone is not nearly as effective as Activity Based Learning. It starts with an activity to evoke feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas. With the learning points being shared by the participants, we would link them back to the business and the intended message. This builds a stronger sense of ownership of the message and lingers in one’s mind for a longer period of time. More importantly is the combination of principles and emotions using the LEAP Model that motivates action and
planning for a better future.


List of Programmes:

3D2N D’N’A Transformation

This is a mindset programme that aims to bring out the best in people through shaping the Disposition and Attitude. By focusing on the inner motivation and learn to align to the desired mindset, people are constantly driven to challenge themselves to be better, to take charge of their own life and to achieve a fulfilling life.

2D Winner’s D’N’A

This mindset programme enhances one’s personal mastery – have a thorough understand of one’s belief and self-image. This programme aims at helping people discover their desire to push themselves out of their comfort zone and be a winner.

1D D’N’A Discovery

Discover how our mind works that leads to your action, and ultimately the result. Be daring to change and ready to step out from your comfort zone, starts exploring and unleashing the inner potential in you.

2D D’N’A Willpower

This is an unique mindset programmes that benefits the major aspects in life – Career, Relationship, Health and Resource. Through this programme, one learns how to manage work & life in a persistent and consistent habitual way without giving in. The result? Increase productivity, achieve one’s goals and live a happier life.
D'N'A Series (Draft)