Sales Enhancement – Everest Series

Sales Enhancement
through our Everest Series

Achieving a sales target is like trying to each the summit of Everest. Seems impossible at first but with the right strategy and setting up Camps at the right times, everything is possible. The series of programmes aim to help sales people build the right mindset, skill set and toolset to achieve the seemingly impossible targets.

This programme would develop a foundation of habit for a sales person to continue building great successes in the sales career. Sales person who are not close to the summit would be reminded of their purpose of wanting to reach the summit. At strategically planned intervals or camps, the sales person would be able to reflect on their previous climb and make adjustments to their next climb.
Through this programme, participants are expected to experience the following outcome:

Breakthrough current performance and aim to achieve higher, gradually
Master and apply selling techniques that help to boost up sales
Willing to challenge oneself and confident in achieving better results

The training session is on weekly basis, half a day for each session, and for a period of 6
weeks or more. Participants will be monitored throughout the training sessions to ensure the achievement of desired results.