Team Building, Leadership & Management – ANT Series

Team Building, Leadership & Management through our ANT Series

The word “team” is being widely used in various contexts, from sporting teams to business teams in a
corporation. The word originated from a group of horses strapped together to pull the carriage. In today’s
context, the word has been used widely as a group of 2 or more people linked together with a common
Throughout history, it was evident that the human race have achieved great things with good leadership
and teamwork. The wonders of the world were never built by a single man or a woman. Neil Armstrong
may be the first man to step on the moon, but not without the effort of hundreds or even thousands of
engineers and other professionals. This proves that a team, driven by the right vision, led by the right
leader and possessing the right characteristics will achieve more than any single man or woman can.
What the ANT series target to achieve is to build:

A team where everyone sees the talent and value each member brings to the team
A team where everyone understands each others’ values and how to motivate each other towards the team’s goals
A team which always look to create greater value than what that person could achieve alone

List of Programmes:

2D ANT Management

ANT Management targets to reshape the team effectiveness and management mindset of the managers, providing them with appropriate perspectives and skills to drive a team to become an ANT (Amazing Natural Team). Then, learn the abilities to keep the team in shape and produce phenomenal results.

2D ANT Colony Building

Inspired by the effectiveness of ANTs as a team, we have developed challenging team building activities that is great for building an Amazing Natural Team (ANT). The first and most important step is to help team members understand the principles and values of building a strong team together and the concept of 1+1>2.